Client Results

The following Projects illustrate what RMCAC has done to improve various systems.

Mechanical Systems

Aggregate Improved Equipment and Staff Utilization
Ready Mix More Efficient Central Mix Plant Design

Physical Systems

Aggregate Effective Crusher Placement
Ready Mix Improved Plant Traffic Flow

Process Flow Systems

Aggregate Improved Production Setup and Documentation
Ready Mix Warranty and QC Cost Reductions

Technical Systems

Aggregate Real-Time Measurements Improve Scaling and Inventory
Ready Mix Cost-Effective Truck Tracking System

Compliance Systems

Aggregate Maintaining Compliance with Air Permits
Ready Mix New Employee Intake and Training Program

Human Systems

Aggregate Reduction in MSHA Citations
Ready Mix Reducing Equipment Repair Costs

We can help you focus on:

Performance Measurement

Using performance measurement to drive incremental increases in profit, safety, compliance and customer satisfaction.

Customized Process

Developing customized processes specific to our client’s needs.

Staff & Compliance

Staff training, competency, efficiency, accountability and compliance.