Creating A Quality Management System QMS For Your Organization

What Is A Quality Management System

The idea is to create systems that lead to consistent quality for all ready mix concrete operations and document those systems and processes in a formal “Quality Plan”.  In February 2008,  “Quality Management System for Ready Mixed Concrete Companies” was published by NRMCA .  Parts A and B were prepared by William C. Twitty, Jr., P.E., and Part C was developed by the NRMCA P2P Steering Committee.

In the summer 2008 edition of Concrete InFocus the feature article written by Colin Lobo, PH.D., P.E. Senior Vice President of Engineering, NRMCA provided further insights into the reasons for establishing the system within companies and also the 15 sections that comprise the system.

How Do I Start ?

Step One: Observe and document the current realities very closely:

  • Company Reputation
  • Customer Composition
  • Market
  • Products and Services
  • Management Focus
  • Current Mission Statement

Step Two: Evaluate the information developed in Step One to determine where your organization is currently.

Step Three: Create the “Introduction” section of your “Quality Plan”.

OK, Just Forget It!

If you’ve gotten to here in this blog post, and if you’ve skimmed through the 261 pages of the QMS for Ready Mix Companies, and hopefully read the entire article in Concrete InFocus 2008 you may be saying “OK, Just Forget It”.  There was a time when I would have said the same thing.  I’ll even give you a few of the reasons I would have used (some with a firm sense of righteous indignation I might add).  In no particular order…

No time;  No need;  No money;  Not enough people;  Not enough potential “ROI”;  Not that type of market/ customers;  Just plain ” We’ve gotten by without it just fine”.  I know I’ve covered some of your reasons, but I’m just as certain that you have thought of more than a few of your own.

Don’t “Forget It”.  You’re Farther Along Than You Think

If your observations in Step 1 have been unbiased, and your evaluations in Step 2 honest, then you have already “defined” your current market position.  Completing Step3 will not only provide you with a clear “statement” of your companies commitment to “Quality”, but also what changes management believes will result in the greatest gains in the market.  The statement will also provide a framework for evaluating your current “systems” as you review operations as described in Sections 3 thru 15 of the “Quality Plan”.

At this point, your organization is well on it’s way to being able to create a “QMS”.  To be sure there is still ALOT of work yet to do, but there are numerous ways to approach and complete the document and it’s systems. And there is help available without creating or committing to long term increased employment overhead if you desire.





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