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RMCAC Consultants

Our team develops process management solutions based on experience, knowledge and your insights.

In the ready mix concrete and construction aggregates industry, processes can make the difference in consistency or wide variability, on-time delivery or missed deadlines, profit or loss, safe operations or costly fines. At RMCAC, we examine processes seeking opportunities for improvements that can create the incremental changes you need.

Our principals established the RMCAC production management consulting business to bring lessons learned and best practices to clients throughout the Americas.

Jerry Ellexson, Ready Mix & Aggregates Operations Professional

Jerry has 30 years of experience in plant design and construction, systems and processes, balancing work  flows, multi-plant operations, high spec production and delivery, operational safety, environmental compliance, and employee education and development. He has successfully completed design, installation, operations, production, dispatch, quality control, training and capital expenditure projects in North America, the Caribbean and Africa. His functional knowledge of each position and every level of ready mix and aggregates development, sales, production and delivery provides the foundation for viewing each component of operations and it’s impact on the value chain as a whole.

Jeanette Ellexson, Human Resources Professional

Jeanette has 30 years of diverse human resources and senior management experience specializing in small to mid-size organizations providing guidance and leadership to executives and senior level management in both growing and stable organizations. Her broad experience includes benefits, unemployment compensation, employee relations, payroll, safety/risk assessment and training program development. She has experience in various industries including commercial construction, retail automotive and school districts with union and non-union employee groups. As an experienced Director of Human Resources, she has supported established organizations advising them through stages of growth, and stabilization. During her career she has compiled an impressive reputation for reducing and managing costs in areas such as unemployment and worker’s compensation claims.

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We can help you focus on:

Performance Measurement

Using performance measurement to drive incremental increases in profit, safety, compliance and customer satisfaction.

Customized Process

Developing customized processes specific to our client’s needs.

Staff & Compliance

Staff training, competency, efficiency, accountability and compliance.