Process Flow Systems

Process Flow Systems

Do your process flow systems make sense, are they in the right order, are they documented, do they lead to efficiency?

Processes at a mine or plant site interact with the physical setting and machines to make things happen – mining aggregate, crushing rock, mixing materials, transporting product.  Every business, every site is unique. To find opportunities for greater efficiency, RMCAC consultants will observe and document the current process flow.

  • Is the process flow purposeful, thoughtful and documented? How well mapped and how well understood is the process flow?
  • We will document dispatch operations, including the hours, scheduling of labor, driver methods and activities.
  • Do repair, housekeeping and maintenance keep the plant and facility functioning efficiently without delays?
  • What is the process for driver startup, delivery and shutdown? Are batch operations organized for efficiency and to facilitate quality control?

Well-mapped process flow creates structure and common understanding in an operation. Our experts create a flow chart and a checklist to go through a day’s operation. This is very client- and location-specific, because no two sites are the same.

Make sure your process flow is designed for optimum productivity.

Ready mix production and delivery mine operations and aggregate processing, all involve processes. Our consultants will observe and review process flow and make recommendations for changes that increase productivity while meeting regulatory requirements. Contact us about your plant’s process flow.

We can help you focus on:

Performance Measurement

Using performance measurement to drive incremental increases in profit, safety, compliance and customer satisfaction.

Customized Process

Developing customized processes specific to our client’s needs.

Staff & Compliance

Staff training, competency, efficiency, accountability and compliance.

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