Improved Plant Traffic Flow

The challenge: A multi-national ready mix producer was concerned about a high-volume plant with a small footprint that was experiencing safety, environmental and traffic flow conflicts on a daily basis. The result was numerous incidents involving truck-to-truck, truck/ loader, and truck/ building contacts. In addition, air quality permit parameters were historically being violated and plant production affected.

The approach: RMCAC principals documented the existing traffic flows to identify patterns. We documented that paths were indiscriminate and predictable and identifiable only by the individual driver or operator. We assessed current flow controls as well as plant layout, stockpile configurations, and secondary system locations, including employee parking and foot traffic patterns. Daily gate volume was analyzed and categorized. Points of exposure or conflict were identified and included, but were not limited to, blind spots, pinch points, pedestrian, production, supply and non-commercial traffic.

The solution: RMCAC developed a complete flow system, including mapping, signage, vision enhancing equipment, pavement markings and parking plan. Drivers, operators, vendor drivers and plant personnel were educated, and permanent reference materials were provided.

The result: Pinch points were reduced from six to one, blind spots from five to zero. Crossing traffic was eliminated and operational conflicts removed. Accidents were reduced by 95% annually and near misses reduced from an average of seven per day to an average of one per month. Fugitive dust attributed to unnecessary traffic was eliminated. Sustainable production flows became calculable by removing traffic flow inconsistencies.



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