Why Housekeeping At Your Facilities Is Important!

That First Impression Counts!

When you look at the attached photograph, what is the first thing to pop into your mind? “Yeah, so?” or “OMG!”.   If it was anything remotely like “Yeah, so?”, then we need to talk.  Housekeeping is important at many different levels.  Think about what that image tells your customers, your employees, your boss and regulators.  Let’s explore why housekeeping matters.

Your Customer

Maybe you are a firm believer in keeping your trucks spotless because you want customers to know you run a tight ship. But keeping the yard up is just not a priority.  The problem is people drive by your facility everyday and can see the mess and clutter from a distance.  If your yard is a mess and your competitor’s is tidy, even from a distance, do you think that makes a difference?  To a lot of people it does.

Your Employees

You constantly talk to your employees about keeping the fleet clean and focusing on QC and safety, while supporting another part of the facility that is a mess. This sends mixed signals and makes it difficult for your positive messages to be received. Its pretty hard to improve your processes and systems if housekeeping is a focus in some areas and ignored in others.

The Regulator

The inspector shows up for a site compliance audit.  Good housekeeping can disguise or cover for many potential sins.  If the inspector documents  housekeeping is a priority (particularly inspection after inspection), then over time you get that coveted “Good” reputation.  And possibly the time spent on-site using your staff resources or the depth of the digging may not be as severe.  When inspectors see a sight like our photo example things could get ugly!

How Does Good Housekeeping Improve Your Bottom Line?

Besides improved aesthetics, how can focus on good housekeeping improve your bottom line?

  • Almost by definition, good housekeeping leads to good safety and environmental regulatory compliance.  Better compliance leads to fewer accidents, incidents and fines (cleanups, workers comp claims, etc.).
  • The public cares about you being a good corporate neighbor.  If you clearly care about your facility and neighborhood, they will remember you and want to be a customer.  They are more likely to believe you are selling quality product.  Same with your regular customers.  It is pretty hard to win a QC argument when your place is always a mess.
  • Clutter equals wasted assets.  All of that stuff that has sat there forever ends up being wasted product or unused equipment.  You paid good money for that stuff, either store and use it, or if you do not need it anymore, sell it.  Having a clean facility really allows you to focus on what you need and use (and order).
  • Here is the good part!  When you make housekeeping a priority it becomes part of the training for the improved system or process.  Pride, efficiency, customer satisfaction and cost savings come from those improvements.  Take the time to clean up and fix up and keep it that way.  It pays!

We can help you focus on:

Performance Measurement

Using performance measurement to drive incremental increases in profit, safety, compliance and customer satisfaction.

Customized Process

Developing customized processes specific to our client’s needs.

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Staff training, competency, efficiency, accountability and compliance.