Improved Equipment and Staff Utilization

The challenge: A regional aggregates producer was concerned about high monthly equipment depreciation and labor costs for underutilized equipment.

The approach: RMCAC examined seven aggregate mine operations, each with its own crusher and crew. RMCAC, working with the staff, made detailed assessments of annual production, equipment inventory and condition, and performed process balance and equipment utilization. Staff skill levels and needs were also assessed.

The solution: Equipment was consolidated into three high production crushers and one medium production crusher. Crushers were optimized for best condition and balanced process speeds. Two crushers were optimized for mobility. Crews were consolidated into four highly competent groups.

The results: Two high production crushers remained in high production mines with documented production rate increases of20% due to improved process flow and lower maintenance needs. Two optimized mobile crushing plants were put on a rotation to the remaining mines. Higher costs for mobility were dwarfed by the reduced depreciation and labor costs absorbed annually by each mine. Excess equipment was sold for a net gain of $1.3 million.


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