Improved Production Setup and Documentation

The challenge: An aggregates producer was concerned that crushing crews in several locations spent too much time for set up and balance to specification when switching to a new product.

The approach: RMCAC examined the processes used to start a new crushing project and what information was communicated and documented. The initial review identified the production foreman was relying on memory to set up the plant for particular products.

The solution: Our team developed a process for communicating specific project needs and specifications from sales, management and QC to production staff. A system was designed and implemented that assured complete knowledge transfer. A new plant setup form documented all the variables in producing product within specifications and at a particular mine with a particular plant.

The results: Plant operators have timely access to a “production library” to find the exact setup needed for a particular product. This reduced the setup and balancing process from a matter of days to hours while removing the trial and error associated with faulty memory or new staff.


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