Real-Time Measurements Improve Scaling and Inventory

The challenge: A regional aggregates producer could not reconcile inventory. There was also a concern with overproduction and poor truck loading control. To offset the lack of controls, a local surveyor was scheduled on a monthly basis to provide management with reliable stockpile inventory numbers.

The approach: RMCAC examined the producer’s processes and systems for recording and reconciling daily production and sales. Scaling at that time was limited to mine truck scales and a few belt scales.

The solution: RMCAC recommended a comprehensive program of belt and loader bucket scales. We then identified the appropriate location and number needed to minimally track production and assure that trucks were loaded to capacity. In addition, RMCAC developed a simple daily production form and Excel spreadsheet that allowed the production staff to easily tabulate and enter production data for each product on a daily basis. The spreadsheet tied to tabulations of production totals and common productivity measures.

The result: Accounting staff could now reconcile produced inventory to sales. Sales staff gained a better ability to determine on-hand inventory and respond to quote requests. By optimally loading trucks and not overproducing specialty products, scales paid for themselves in a few months. The surveyor was only used annually for inventory certification reducing survey costs substantially. Scaling and production tabulation led to much greater ability to develop real -time management reports and more informed management production decisions.


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