Reducing Equipment Repair Costs

The challenge: An integrated ready mix and aggregates producer was greatly concerned about out-of -control breakdowns and repair costs. Management was concerned that the production staff was negligent.

The approach: RMCAC examined the company’s policies and processes for equipment operation training, equipment inspection, preventative maintenance, maintenance orders and maintenance record keeping.

The solution: RMCAC determined that the company structure for training employees to care for equipment was disorganized. We obtained manufacturers’ training materials to better educate employees in the proper operation and maintenance of specific equipment. RMCAC developed easy- to-use daily inspection checklists that proceeded in logical steps and were more detailed than manufacturers’ checklists. The foreman received daily inspection and maintenance logs in which inspection and maintenance needs were easily tabulated. A computer-based maintenance request system was implemented to allow real time approval of maintenance requests and scheduling and tracking of repair work orders by internal maintenance and vendors. Preventative maintenance schedules were also entered into the system. A warehousing agreement was developed with vendors to keep regularly needed items on site and in stock.

The results: Maintenance and repair costs decreased 40% over the previous year by creating a custom process and systems that focused on operation training, daily inspection and operator certification of machine readiness, preventative maintenance scheduling and parts inventory control and management.


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