Mechanical Systems

Mechanical Systems

Is the equipment you use in mining, rock processing and ready mix production operating efficiently?

From start to finish, heavy, complex machinery is essential in the ready mix concrete and construction aggregates industry. In assessing the machines in your company’s operations, we list all mechanical system assets and document and analyze their use, and determine how well they are used in the production process.

  • We look at machines in the plants where production occurs, assessing condition, speed and balance.
  • We examine the condition and flexibility of machinery in feeder, production and delivery systems
  • Our assessment includes fixed processing equipment, front-end loaders, mixer trucks, blasting operations machinery – any machinery involved in your operations.

Inefficient machinery or poorly used or maintained machinery costs time and money – and infringes on tight margins, product consistency, delivery times and customer satisfaction. It is our mission to ensure your machinery is working at optimum efficiency and in the right configurations for your particular operation.

Our consultants make sure your machine assets are working properly.

How machinery is configured, maintained, calibrated and operated is important to your business. RMCAC consulting services can assess machines and recommend changes and/or adjustments for greater efficiency and productivity. Contact us to discuss our mechanical systems consulting services.

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Using performance measurement to drive incremental increases in profit, safety, compliance and customer satisfaction.

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Developing customized processes specific to our client’s needs.

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Staff training, competency, efficiency, accountability and compliance.

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